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Home Building Trendz is the brain child of Tina Holtz, serial entrepreneur, wife, mother, animal lover, and seasoned home builder. My goal is to provide you with the tools on how to build your own home. The inspiration for Home Building Trendz came after building two homes with my husband and our two daughters. We were very fortunate to have found an amazing company called American Home Partners that offered a proven system for owner builders. The system was basically a package kind of deal, we picked out the land we wanted to build on, they offered about 30 different home plans we could choose from, then they financed the land and home together as a package along with every related cost in building the home. All we had to do was put down about $1500 at closing and act as our own General Contractor. It was a wonderful program that provided a way for hardworking Americans to get into a home of their own and investing in immediate equity.

After the mortgage changes of 2008 and after more than 40 years in business, American Home Partners closed their doors permanently in 2011. I must say that I truly feel a dis-service has been placed in the market arena when it comes to financial resources for those that wish to build their own homes, which is part of the reason why I developed Home Building Trendz.

Many of you are probably just like me, your smart, detailed, and hardworking and you have a unique desire to build your own home. There are still resources out there to assist you, however they are becoming more limited all the time. I saw a need to create a centralized location that would contain as much information as possible that related to building a home. You’ll find not only access to my Step by Step Guide to Building Your Own Home on Time and on Budget, but you’ll have access to Free Home Building Webinars, my complete Home Building Project Pak, as well as hundreds of other resources related to everything and anything home building related. I’ll teach you how to act as your own general contractor and how you too, can build your own home.

Let me tell you a little about myself:

Born and raised a mid-western girl I relocated to Colorado only weeks after I graduated high school. I am a proven and highly successful business woman with more than 15 years of business development, sales and marketing experience. I am a serial entrepreneur who has successfully owned and operated several businesses and I enjoy the challenge of helping other businesses grow through unique opportunities. After building our first home I was recruited by American Home Partners as a New Home Consultant to sell their land/home packages and to help other people just like me be successful in building their own homes.

Here I am!

Nice to meet you! This is me, Tina.

I built both of my homes with my husband, the first one when I was 21 and the second one when I was 26. Not only did we act as our own general contractor we also did almost all of the work ourselves while we both worked full-time jobs. I’m not going to lie, it was ALOT of work and stress but the reward was worth it. I’ll get more into the details throughout the blogposts. I now live in the last home we built and I absolutely love it. It’s every bit of the dream home I always imagined, but it doesn’t have every upgrade under the sun either.

There is something to be said about the definition of a dream home, and everyone’s definition is different.


I am a hobby farmer at heart, happiest when spending time with my family and animals or witnessing the beauty of our country on horseback. I currently work full time in the Oil and Gas Industry, work part time for Homestead Homes of America, and love to blog!

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